Fire & Ice // Gray x Reader x Natsu

Fire & Ice // Gray x Reader x Natsu

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Ever since she was young, Y/N has always been wandering. Searching to find the place she fit in and could call home. She was also always trying to become strong. She tried to settle in Sabertooth, but it didn't fit, and she eventually ended up getting kicked out. Y/N goes back to being alone and wandering, until she learns of the return of the once-great Fairy Tail. Could she possibly find the place she belongs and even some love along the way?

I don't own the Fairy Tail characters and most of the plot. I do however own my writing and Y/N. Not literally but you know what I mean. 

I originally had a Fairy Tail oc, but I thought it would be more fun to write a x reader fanfiction. ;))

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user50543451 user50543451 Dec 21, 2017
Y|N=Razle Kannagi
                              F|F=ALL Dessert
Higarii-Dragneel Higarii-Dragneel Aug 23, 2017
Y/N=Higarii Milage
                              H/C=aqua blue
                              F/C=lilac and bright green
                              F/F=Chocolate cake
UnitatoSparklez UnitatoSparklez Jul 21, 2017
Ugh, I hate writing on my phone, so I feel ya. And I love the story. Don't let any hate put you down because chances are that they're probably just jelous
Baby_InA_TrenchCoat Baby_InA_TrenchCoat Apr 13, 2016
I love the little hints about the episodes and what happened to her while the story of the anime was going on. Love it
spamzillaground spamzillaground Jul 27, 2016
I read this as 'Yukio' so I was like 'Yuki-chan? What are you doing here?'