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Trapped And Abused

Trapped And Abused

26.3K Reads 1K Votes 15 Part Story
Yaoi O(≧∇≦)O By My_Yaoi_life_1234 Updated a day ago

Eren and levi seem to be the perfect couple. But what actually lies in that "happy" relationship? Levi loves eren so much, that he usually keeps him on house arrest so nobody else can keep him but him. If he's late. He gets punished. If he sneaks out. He's punished. If he doesn't respond to lives calls. He's punished. Armin tried to confront levi about it, but only got hurt in the process. Can anybody save eren? Will levi change and try to be nicer to eren? Will armin interfere a little to far? 
{May be triggering, don't read if you don't want to}
[Characters belong to isayama not me]

daddy_billdip daddy_billdip Dec 21, 2016
*is in ball crying* damn you you little midget I'm gonna call mikasa!!!!!!
daddy_billdip daddy_billdip Dec 21, 2016
*hugs eren like he a little child* no shh child let's go to mikasa's quickly
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Oct 03, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Can I just say
                              That escalated quickly
- - Dec 01, 2016
                              Random girl:OMG who killed Levi?!?!
                              Me:*walks away with a pick ax  and starts laughing evilly*
Kaosmelody Kaosmelody Nov 18, 2016
Wait did anyone catch that it was dark an Levi was reading a book how can he read in the dark
blancana blancana Jul 21, 2016
Wtf Levi, so Eren can't hang out with coconut head? Jeez that's just harsh man