|| Complications || Beyoncé & Summerella

|| Complications || Beyoncé & Summerella

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"Make me." Summer said, getting closer.

"I would, but I won't." I stated, looking at my nails. 

"Because you can't."

"Can't what exactly?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Do this." She climbed on top of me and bit my neck, flicking her tongue over it. I moaned softly and pushed her away slightly. 

"Summer stop.. What do you want from me?"

"I want you to make me."

"...Make you what?"

"Make me... Say your name...." 

This'll be a Beyoncé x Summerella lesbian story. (If you don't know who Summerella is, she's a bomb ass comedian.) Warning: there may be typos, slow updates, smut, and intense/offensive language. However, if my story offends you at some point in time, don't read it. \_(ツ)_/¯

Lord did she just say chris lord know how much I dont like him
you better think about it tf. we tryna figure out what tf happened
I would punch her in the boob get a titty punch, give a titty punch
@xweavegluex babez this is your bday date and it reminded me of you...i miss youuu
Lerriesbaby Lerriesbaby Mar 25
Sleepy voices be having me ready ride my boyfriends dick off into the sunset😫😫
ChanelleFox ChanelleFox Jun 16
She's done it to me before, she'll be paying my medical bills if I get titty cancer