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Elly By Warrior_Elli Completed

Everything ended that fateful day... 

His parents died...
Nobody listened when he told the truth..
No one saved him from the man...
No one heard his screams and cries..
Now he's gone..

On that day.. Richard Grayson died and Renegade was born..

Instead of being adopted by Bruce Wayne, Richard Grayson went wiling with Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson. Becoming his apprentice. What happens when he encounters the Young Justice League during one of his missions alone and saves one of the heroes?


An AU based off of Richard Grayson the very first Robin
ALSO ON  Archive Of Our by the user PrinceLilah

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WhiteKnight97 WhiteKnight97 Aug 05, 2017
So far, this is awesome. If this were a movie, I'd go see it.....
                              Maybe Warner Bros can make it happen.....
Blizzardwing47 Blizzardwing47 Nov 26, 2017
Ok I swear I've read this before but I don't remember at all. It's fantastic!
Guardian_Of_Wisdom Guardian_Of_Wisdom Nov 07, 2017
When you want that D really bad before you die. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
_Dick_Grayson_ _Dick_Grayson_ 7 days ago
Hey! I read that withoutbthe translation. I feel proud of myself
VeronicaChase VeronicaChase 5 days ago
The only reason why I know this song is cuz of all the birdflash I read on Wattpad
ReadAtMidnight247 ReadAtMidnight247 2 days ago
*pulls out insane number of guns and swords* You, sir, just made a very bad decision...... * smiles charming smile of Death*