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Elly By Warrior_Elli Completed

Everything ended that fateful day... 

His parents died...
Nobody listened when he told the truth..
No one saved him from the man...
No one heard his screams and cries..
Now he's gone..

On that day.. Richard Grayson died and Renegade was born..

Instead of being adopted by Bruce Wayne, Richard Grayson went wiling with Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson. Becoming his apprentice. What happens when he encounters the Young Justice League during one of his missions alone and saves one of the heroes?


An AU based off of Richard Grayson the very first Robin
ALSO ON  Archive Of Our by the user PrinceLilah

I don't think half the people commenting here know that nu means no in Romanian. Yes, I understand that Dick speaks Romani, but there's no translators for that so most commonly people use Romanian instead
JustaPhan6 JustaPhan6 Sep 17, 2016
Don't do that to Renegade!!! 
                              How the hell do you pronounce that name anyway?
krazy_Fangirl_4life krazy_Fangirl_4life Sep 20, 2016
If I ever say ba ba black sheep, my friends instantly start scream-singing the lyrics 😄
aisdf0909 aisdf0909 Feb 11
I don't know
                               Either way, I sense Daddybats in the near future
krazy_Fangirl_4life krazy_Fangirl_4life Sep 20, 2016
Baby doll from the batman animated series says this all the time