Alpha and Me (#Watty's 2016)

Alpha and Me (#Watty's 2016)

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Call Me Potato By True_Potato Completed

COMPLETED I ran frantically hoping to elude my pursuer. My arms were scraped form the surrounding shrubs.  I heard him growl "Mine" and I ran further. His following steps stopped and I kept running hoping he'd stopped. I smacked into a wall or rather a chest. I felt arms wrap around me encasing me in his embrace.
"W-what do you want?"
My voice trembled
"You're mine" he growled "Mine only!"
I only wanted to have a peaceful vacation, what that so much to ask for? I never expected to be swept into this mess. I never thought the word coming from his handsome face would be 
"That's my mate... Grab her."

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My reaction would be totally different-
                              OH HELL YES! I missed school! YES YES YES!
                              *dances my happy dance*
Yes!! But sometimes i just ignore things when i'm scared(to the highest level)
vocallyhes vocallyhes Jun 14
Stockholm Syndrome and Alive, two one direction references in one chapter😏
avakeicher avakeicher Jul 05
Now I see what you mean by adding details :) it really does work!!!
Hello true_potato!!! Hahaha... Make more stories about werewolf!! I love your stories!! They are awesome!! :D
glovesya glovesya Jun 16
No I read the book and it's really good, I just don't like what she wears, sorry if that offended you