The Army of Chaos

The Army of Chaos

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He was betrayed. Hated. Cheated on. Shunned. Tortured. Disowned. Framed. Depressed. 

Who was this man? You may know him.

He was Percy Jackson, a certain former son of Poseidon.

But now, he's Omega son of Chaos, primordial of betrayal, fallen heroes, sadness, loyalty, swordsman ship, and revenge. Not to mention SASS!!! XD

When Omega is called back to Earth, will he go back to the place he was betrayed? Or will he watch in joy as everyone who betrayed him perishes?


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yaisha12 yaisha12 Nov 25
I trusted them but was only betrayed for that but still went forward with my life then got banished disown and heartbreak left met chaos and his son and became  who I am today
yaisha12 yaisha12 Nov 25
Chill, trustworthy, loyal to my family, aggressive to the enemy, and mysterious
Rex Fives (R.J.)
                              Son of Poseidon
                              Sarcastic, prefers any weapon.
                              5 feet 7 inches
                              Sandy blonde hair
                              Nova Blue eyes
                              Warrior of Chaos
                              Super stubborn
                              Has Star Wars themed armor (Knights of the Old Republic: sith lord armor. Loghtsaber too.)
Cheated on by my girlfriend. Disowned. Tried to commit suicde but Artemis found me. Asked the gods to die. Became Guardian of the hunt. Phoebe killed me. Became warrior of Chaos and was adopted. Became Percy Jackson’s adoptive brother
Cheated on by boyfriend, ran off into woods, monsters found me, killed the monsters, Chaos found me, and realized I was his daughter.
Sorry but, Rex would like to use all weapons, but prefers lightsabers.