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The Army of Chaos

The Army of Chaos

18.5K Reads 428 Votes 23 Part Story
Destiny By ChasingWinds Completed


He was betrayed. Hated. Cheated on. Shunned. Tortured. Disowned. Framed. Depressed. 

Who was this man? You may know him.

He was Percy Jackson, a certain former son of Poseidon.

But now, he's Omega son of Chaos, primordial of betrayal, fallen heroes, sadness, loyalty, swordsman ship, and revenge. Not to mention SASS!!! XD

When Omega is called back to Earth, will he go back to the place he was betrayed? Or will he watch in joy as everyone who betrayed him perishes?


pinkyvonne pinkyvonne Feb 10
Poisidon abandoned me in the streets at the age of 7 when my mom died and when I was 11, Chaos found me and offered me a place in his army because I had mastered my powers. He gave me immortality at age 18. My mom also did not remarry. Her name is Mary Silver
Archive101 Archive101 21 hours ago
Melinda, daughter of Demeter. Straight brown hair with natural highlights. Green eyes. Smart, and super chatty.
donolizer donolizer Feb 05
Danny, son of Chronos (the primordial one), 6'3, sandy blonde hair, gold irises, and muscular build. Is fated to take over the mantle of being the primordial of time, also tech
akosek4 akosek4 Jan 23
Alyson, Moirai Primordial of Fate, Strawberry Blond, Galaxy, Sword/Knife, Control over people, Has a facade of a tough, strong, girl that never shows fear and emotion but is quietly dying inside.
pinkyvonne pinkyvonne Feb 10
Water stuff (Tsunami, hurracane, ect), Vapor travel (teleportation), earthquake (both starting and stopping.
pinkyvonne pinkyvonne Feb 10
Watch that can turn into a light celestial bronze sword. 2 and a half feet