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Reason---Sequel to CPF---A Derek Hale Story (Teen Wolf fanfic)

Reason---Sequel to CPF---A Derek Hale Story (Teen Wolf fanfic)

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Chamari Pitigala By silverspacechameleon Completed

<i>"No I don't, why don't you show me?" He challenged staring her down, Meg would have gazed back"

if his lips weren't so distracting. Derek always liked being dominant, she supposed it was part of his charm-and competitive nature-sometimes she was submissive but other times, like now, she wanted to rebel. 


"Why do I have to do anything? You are the one the scheming one, you show me your reasoning."
Her words surprised him slightly, she grinned in triumph and his eyes narrowed dangerously, his soft touch seized.

"I'll show you reasoning." He growled before swiftly clasping her ankle and tugging her body to his, Meg didn't even get a chance to react when her body went sliding forward from the derriere. He secured her legs on either side of him while he held her in place with one hand on her thigh while the other was buried in the dark curls at the back of her head. His electric touch made her shudder and it only heightened when his pressed his mouth against hers in a heated kiss.</i>

Could the situation BE any worse? 

Chandler Bing's voice seemed to chant in her mind as she started into space. 

Megra Day thought her biggest problems were over with Jackson back to being a normal teenager--well semi normal, actually he is a werewolf now--The hunters not so much hunting she thought she could go back to being a normal teenager but everything was far from ordinary. With her two bestfriend/pack members missing and Derek's deranged uncle back from the dead, things were on the knife edge of chaotic and to make matters worse her grandma's sudden death brought about the materilistic/irksome/psychotic aunt she had thought she escaped from.

Oh thats not so bad you say? 

Well honey, dont get me started on her relationship problems.

silverspacechameleon silverspacechameleon Jun 19, 2013
@Nycgirl106 ^_^ Thanks, me too!! It was fun getting back to writing about them. Stay Tuned!! :D
Nycgirl106 Nycgirl106 Jun 19, 2013
Awww so cute I am so happy that meg and Derek are back love this chapter can't wait for more
fluffymeowcat fluffymeowcat Jun 19, 2013
@silverspacechameleon thank you so much, sorry if their are errors
fluffymeowcat fluffymeowcat Jun 19, 2013
@silverspacechameleon  Hey I wrote a new story, Teen wolf, Called roses are red violets are blue I didn't now werewolves were true can you cheek it out, and tell me what you think?
silverspacechameleon silverspacechameleon Jun 19, 2013
@fluffymeowcat Holding. 
                              Yeah thought so too, dont worry I will have more steam in the later chapters.
silverspacechameleon silverspacechameleon Jun 19, 2013
@fluffymeowcat Aww Thank you so much, ill update the next chapter as soon as possible :) What did you think of Derek and Meg?