Tears of Black EJ X JTK

Tears of Black EJ X JTK

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HolyShit By CreepyPosture Updated Sep 02

Jack always had a crush on Jeff but he will never allow Jeff to find out. So they would usually fight each other which Jack didn't really like but he had too because he couldn't allow Jeff to find out. One day slender got tired of them fighting so easily that he sent both of them on a 4 week mission. This is where their adventures starts, Jack and Jeff together. Will Jeff find out that Jack had these feelings for him or would he hide the feelings forever.    (Warning lemon might be included! 눈‸눈 if Jeff accepts his feelings when he finds out or not.) 

WARNING! This fanfiction contains violent! And also may contain mature content! Be 17+ or older!

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Im picturing this as anime and the best part is slender has eyes and a mouth yet his mouth isn't moving!
RedRoes13 RedRoes13 Mar 29
I loved it. Good job. That does seem like Jack and Jeff. They constantly get in arguments and start to fight wit each other.
Slender calls everyone child. Even my oc and she's older than him. Just by 2 years though.
                              IM TRIGGERED 
                              WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ON JEFF SO MUCH?!?
                              HE IS A SMOL CHILD THAT NEEDS TO BE 
                              HE IS BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY HE IS
byoml678 byoml678 Jul 18, 2016
How dare you?! Seed Eater is precious! 
                              And Masky x Hoody for life~
Manko really Jeff that's all ya got. Great idea though I haven't laughed that hard in a while