A Deal With The Devil

A Deal With The Devil

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K I S S E S By FangsAndKisses Updated May 26, 2014

Maxine Wilde never thought even in her wildest dreams that one search for a man's history would turn into a vivid nightmare. Something dark in the past has come out because of her reckless behavior and not heeding an old man's warning.

Thrown in turmoil when she meets a man inside a coffin-a thousand years old vampire. She fell unto his unruly world that consists of mythical beings she thought never existed.

Lucian De Alejandro had been locked up inside the coffin for hundreds of years and has finally awaken from a woman's blood. Due to her blood, they become bonded.

Will Maxine be able to get through the walls that the handsome and ruthless vampire has been building ever since the beginning of time? Or will she give up like the past heroines who tried and betray the pleas of her heart and body?

Sexy, dangerous, and deadly.

Are you in to know how it takes to have a vampire's faint beating heart?

leecoleloca leecoleloca Feb 18, 2016
now...I knew I saw this story frm somewhere....quotev? I swear I was sad when there were no other chapters when I read it!!!!!!!!! but I swear I am so happy to read the same story with more chapters!!!!!
JustineLouiseCarson JustineLouiseCarson May 18, 2014
I've just read these few chapters and they're brilliant, they get me really excited to read more lol please keep writing its one of the best i've read yet, also it has a lot of suspence which I love. Thank you :D xx
- - Apr 14, 2014
Sean o'pry as Lucian....
                              *jumping off the bed and adds the story*
croaked croaked Jan 28, 2014
I have stalked this story on both quotev and wattpad for months........please finish what beautiful work you started lol
DancingWatermelon DancingWatermelon Aug 22, 2013
SEAN O'PRY! haha this watermelon adores that man *o* but anyways interesting story so far :bd hope you update soon!
fruitcup8 fruitcup8 Aug 02, 2013
Utterly amazing. I've never seen someone write like this before and your summary really made me read the book! I hope you update soon and love the whole plot and plans for the story!