oppa. [bxb]

oppa. [bxb]

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HONEYMOON 🍯 By kinkykook Updated 3 days ago

❝ the daddy kink is overrated. ❞

pjm / myg 

warnings;; smut and foul language.

[can chosen to be read as an boyxboy novel, rather than a fanfiction.]


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-kinkyongi -kinkyongi Sep 10
hey, whoever reads this pm me if tou want to join our squad!!
love_me_jeon love_me_jeon 6 days ago
I'm Christian and think you can suck as much dick as you want. I don't judge at all
1975JKS 1975JKS 6 days ago
he just gives the dicky dick a little sucky suck chill the f/ck out bro
also wtf, did he say tanned skin. yall we all know yoongay is pale af
chimchimsAssTho chimchimsAssTho 4 days ago
I was listening to nice ass music that went along with this Then suddenly SEVENTEEN TEEN TEEN
lala11316 lala11316 Sep 08
* when you've been calling him yoonie oppa ever since you joined *