oppa. [bxb]

oppa. [bxb]

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HONEYMOON 🍯 By kinkykook Updated Sep 22

❝ the daddy kink is overrated. ❞

pjm / myg 

warnings;; smut and foul language.

[can chosen to be read as an boyxboy novel, rather than a fanfiction.]


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waaayoonmin waaayoonmin 3 days ago
I expected this to be so cringey and badly written but it's so well done and, like, professionally written. Fifty Shades of Grey is SHOOK
I'm Christan and bisexual, it gets so overbearing to hear that gays are going to hell. like okay whatever
humblebby humblebby Nov 10
I'm sorry I(should) shouldn't have laughed at ' thou shalt not be gay'
                              thanks my middle name
                              its actually my dead dogs name tho "kink" omFG
I remembered his beultareune from FIRE.....
                              HELP @localholywaterdealer
KillerAddiction20 KillerAddiction20 2 days ago
Had this in my library completely forgot it was yoonmin....pleasantly surprised myself right there XD