Surviving the Apocalypse (Uchiha/Otsutsuki x Reader)

Surviving the Apocalypse (Uchiha/Otsutsuki x Reader)

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Maki By HiddenUchiha Updated Sep 01, 2017

A virus has broken out causing a Zombie Apocalypse.  A girl named (Y/N) has been through hell and pain, mainly surviving the apocalypse all alone.  3 months into it, she's ran out of resources, her clothing is ripped and has no shelter to stay in.

Before night hits, she's found and taken in by the Uchiha who have been surviving the apocalypse amazingly.

The decisions she makes decides who will stay around her, and who she will lose on the way.

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  • izuna
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Abandoned house
                              Don't know what type of animals there are within
                              In the house she could find some weapons and any Little food she could find
crissy_nic crissy_nic Jun 11, 2016
Izuna uchiha
                              Madara uchiha 
                              Obito uchiha
                              Sasuke uchiha
                              Itachi uchiha
                              Kagami uchiha 
                              Shusui uchiha
                              Am i right or no?