Twilight Imagine & Preferences

Twilight Imagine & Preferences

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Book one


(Y/n)-your name 
(H/l)-your hair length: long, midden, short
(H/c)-your hair colour 
(E/c)-your eye colour


I don't own twilight or there characters.

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Lyrical_Madness Lyrical_Madness Jul 29, 2017
Theeeee fuuucckkkk!? Edward stop coming to school high smh😂😂😂😂
lovelotusflowerbomb lovelotusflowerbomb Mar 27, 2017
Now what if I was a human and had the scent of a vampire wait what
lovelotusflowerbomb lovelotusflowerbomb Mar 27, 2017
I knew I was a good cook but you think its that good I love you
Mewmew1224 Mewmew1224 Nov 23, 2017
I ask Jacob why h wanted to know then see how jealous I could make him
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster Dec 17, 2016
I don't have an ex, nor have I ever dated cuz I have my social days and my anti social days. Plus I'm usually a botch to guys and apparently I'm scary. I don't know what they're talking about...😧
BeautifulWar11 BeautifulWar11 Oct 07, 2016
He isn't a newborn he  was turned during the civil war but he is new to the life of animal blood