Roommates And Buddies? ||Completed||

Roommates And Buddies? ||Completed||

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💕Shipper Chick💕 By Angelwithfeelings Completed

|| This Book is going to have words spell wrong/bad grammar in the beginning. I'm going to fix everything I can, I promise ||

The Powerpuff Girls  are going to college, but what would happen when they are roommates with The Rowdyruff Boys?

Will they become buddies or maybe more than that ? 

Are they going to develop feelings for each other? 

Or just hate each other like ..regularly.

Read and Find out!


Sneak Pecks: 

"Why can't you just grow up Brick! Your in Freaking College, Your not in elementary school!"

"Stop yelling Pinky, And I am grown up. Why can't you just stop being so up tight for once and loosen up a bit, Damn."

"We're In Collage, And we have to focus and stay in Track. We can't just fool around!"

"Having fun is something better than staying serious for the rest of your life"

"Ugh, Just Shut up already asshole !"

"I hate you, your so annoying"

"I-I Hate y-you too!" 


"Why can't you just stop crying over everything Bubbles! It's annoying and ridiculous" 

"I don't cry over everything. I cry over things that are important to me, important to my life. That mean so much to me, so just shut up!"

"So your basically saying, you do cry over everything?"

"Can't you just leave me alone for a few minutes? Don't you have something better to do than hurt peoples feelings?" She snapped.

"I do, but your crying is distracting me. That's why I need you to shut up"

"Fine Boomer"


"Fuck off Butch, I ain't interested in your annoying ugly ass" 

"Yeah sure, every girl I ever met in my life always fell head over heels for me"

"Not this girl, I'm not into cocky guys like you."

"Why can't you just admit it!" 

"Admit what?!"

"That you have feelings for me Buttercup!"

"Because.. I don't, I never did and Never will. Your just a fuckboy" 


"Deal with it"


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Flowerqveen Flowerqveen Jan 09
No no no it’s soppused to be the girl I love ok boomer u love her not hate the oppisaye
galaxypoptart galaxypoptart Jul 18, 2017
Kawaii_cake525 Kawaii_cake525 May 14, 2017
Bubbles-"I Never thought he go to college," Lol Even she said it xD
Angelwithfeelings Angelwithfeelings Jun 24, 2017
@Animesai @Essie_May @magneum102       @geeek-girl @Gezzel85  @KuroNeko414 @ItsYaGalNikki  
                              I know, Imma be editing it or deleting it soon the chapter
SassberrySnapYT SassberrySnapYT Oct 23, 2017
Arent the ppgz in the beginning in middle school? Okay big jump XD
theoneandonlykami theoneandonlykami May 12, 2017
They do mix. Have you not looked up RRB x ppg before bubbles?