Me & U || Taehyung BTS

Me & U || Taehyung BTS

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He's a bad boy with a bad attitude and I'm a good girl with a bad temper. Who would've thought that this bad boy was interested in someone like me and who would've thought that I would soon fall for him all over again? I hate him for many reasons but why am I falling so hard?! 

Join us on our crazy journey of love just Me & U.


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washwithsope washwithsope Jul 15, 2017
Security guards o3o?!? Oh is this some kind of secret spy school XD
wishfulkth wishfulkth Sep 13, 2017
Great I'm in third year of high school which is my imaginations and pride just came up
Umm never take a shortcut through the forest like didn't anybody teach you that
Laehyun18 Laehyun18 Jan 04
Can you stop romanizing koean words? It's all mispelled.It bothers me.
ctrl_V ctrl_V Aug 30, 2017
Lol fights are fun to watch when they're between random bad kids
Jiya_Ali Jiya_Ali May 16, 2017
my friends be like
                              wait I don't have friends