Another ViceRylle Story

Another ViceRylle Story

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missguiltypleasure By missguiltypleasure Updated Apr 05, 2014

A  different fanfiction approach to the budding loveteam of Karylle and Vice Ganda. The instances in this story are inspired by what really happened in reality, but altered to fit in to my own plot. As I call it, the alternate universe. Focusing on the development of Karylle and Vice's relationship, this story is completely set on a single point-of-view and written narratively and mostly in English.

You may consider some characters having their out-of-character moments in some instances, and I'm sorry if you don't like it. I can't force everyone to like it. But I believe that these characters have their different sides in their private lives which we don't normally see and know about them behind cameras. I had the opportunity to work backstage with Vice Ganda and Karylle at one point in my life and I have seen how they are off-cam(just for a little while). And basing from this observation, I created the versions of Karylle and Vice that I have in this story. I'm not saying that my versions of them are the closest to the real ones, but my versions are completely different from other ViceRylle fanfiction I have read.

I hope you take a little time to read this story and appreciate.

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LaughingStock001 LaughingStock001 Mar 19, 2015
Hahaha OMEGAWD! 1st chapter palang naloloka n aketch. Lol Ganda story natin dito Author, hahaha bet n bet ko, kahit simula palang.
amither amither Mar 13, 2015
so nice!
                              kakarelate naman,.. 
                              "..I know this because they are mine. They are my hazel eyes. And I'm the only one here who can look at them from the inside"
CarlaJepollo CarlaJepollo May 07, 2014
nosebleed sib.....sino ba author si K?! haha paki lagyan naman ng tagalog kahit very very light haha :)
RizzaMaeShow RizzaMaeShow Jan 02, 2014
Please Update po? 2 months nakong tingin ng tingin kung may Update eh. Please po? Sobrang ganda po kasi talaga. :(
dheeyannvallejos14 dheeyannvallejos14 Nov 20, 2013
1st Part PaLang Ka Abang Abang na @ nakakaexcite :) .. Nakakaejoii . GaLing Boow na aGad akO sayoo! CB ..
Emilieoquias Emilieoquias Oct 12, 2013
grabeh naman ang author,,.,.... sa tngin ko ang author ay isa sa mga character d2..................