Precious Secret

Precious Secret

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My name isn't Dianna. By DiannaGee_ Updated Feb 14

In love one day, heartbroken the next.

Krystina and Stephen were newly graduated college sweethearts, when the world around them came crumbling down. 
When his father reveals Stephen's lack of faithfulness, her once fairytale like life becomes an inescapable nightmare. Krystina leaves for Chicago and the prestigious job she almost turned down for their relationship.

And she doesn't go alone.
5 years later, the man she once thought would be her husband, unexpectedly turns up again.

 Now, he's putting all the blame on her.
  "I'll keep your precious secret, but only for a fortnight. Steph has been like a brother to me. I can't lie to him, and keeping something like this from him, would be doing just that."


_LittleKina _LittleKina Jun 12, 2016
All u got to do is put two and two together, her mom and his father don't want them together. What parent would tell on their child?
billiejayy billiejayy Jun 14, 2016
Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah! BOYFRIEND? THREE YEARS? And he still ain't wife'd her!?!?!??!!?!
LovingMyself1st LovingMyself1st Feb 22, 2016
I already like this story.Keep it up 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾
AlexKinley AlexKinley Jul 28, 2016
Awesome prologue. It drew me in and made me wanna keep reading.
gulfbreeze1 gulfbreeze1 Sep 05, 2016
Looks to be the makings of a good story. Kerp up the good writing!
TeammB_23 TeammB_23 Jun 18, 2016
Well damn...didn't wait too long to put your two sense in 🤕