The Savior {Book 3}

The Savior {Book 3}

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The final book in 'The Other Cullen' trilogy

After using her powers to defeat the forces of Darkness, Elizabeth Cullen can finally settle down to live a normal life. But it's fair to say that since she's a witch that lives with a family of vampires and is dating a werewolf, her life will never be normal. And that goes to show by that many difficult challenges that she has faced her life, which range from standing against the most vampire coven in existence to ending the tyrannical rule of her aunt and uncle. 

And while Elizabeth is trying to heal her home world of all of the damage the Darkness caused, she's about to face her greatest challenge yet: her own destiny. An ancient prophecy written about Elizabeth thousand years ago has to be fulfilled when a new evil force threatening the people of both Coventry and Earth. A familiar enemy is lurking close by in the shadows, carefully watching Elizabeth's every move. But this isn't the only enemy that Elizabeth has, and is only the beginning of her problems. 

Seth and Elizabeth's relationship becomes rocky once again once they meet Celine, who is mysterious as she is beautiful. She and her friends, Scarlett, Damian, and Sebastian, are all that's left of the Dominion, the once powerful evil coven of supernatural beings that are out to get Elizabeth to avenge Thantos and Minerva. And if things weren't bad already, evidence surfaces that Elizabeth's biological father, Aron DuBaer,might still be alive. With the Dominion and this dark supernatural force, the two worlds are now in danger and Elizabeth is the only person that can stop them.

What's Celine's connection to Elizabeth? How is Elizabeth's father still alive after all of these years? And who this enemy that's lurking in the shadows? Will Elizabeth and Seth be able to make it out together this time, or will Celine be the wedge that drives them apart permanently? And who will come out on top in this ultimate battle between Light and Darkness: Elizabeth or Celine?

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hotstuff7116 hotstuff7116 Mar 07, 2016
wow that was gr8 i do hope liz the cullens and the pack all stay safe
hotstuff7116 hotstuff7116 Mar 13, 2016
wow i wounder who the red head is hope she doesnt hurt liz and seth
TheOlympianAvenger TheOlympianAvenger Feb 04, 2017
What about Kim, she's human and it hasn't said what she's doing