Why not? (Older Dipper X Reader)

Why not? (Older Dipper X Reader)

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wendy_the_demon_ By Wendy_the_demon_ Completed

WARNING: This story is where the reader has Anxiety and this Dipper X Reader will be more mature than my older ones

[ I've written a few Dipper X Readers and a lot of Older Wendip, so I'll take a shot at this. ]

Y/N was searching for a new life, something that could give her life a little spice. Then she met Dipper and found out exactly what she had wanted.

Sees Bill and thinks 
                              1) BILL CYPHER 
                              2) BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY
                              3)The tab
_Arace_ _Arace_ Aug 15
I imagine just flopping down onto my bed face first and having my feet just sticking up in the air xD 😂😂
LookAtLuna LookAtLuna 17 hours ago
Not to be selfish, but I would of just silently walked away lmao
emo-angel77 emo-angel77 Apr 07
bbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllll QvQ I need a life
FairyLoverofTheMoon FairyLoverofTheMoon Sep 27, 2016
I love that picture!
                              This is my type of story, since I actually have anxiety myself.
xThatPotatoFangirlx xThatPotatoFangirlx May 25, 2016
@Wendy_The_Demon you RULE! I am LOVING IT ALREADY!!!!! So privileged to have read this and to have you as a high-potato like OMGGG