Why not? (Older Dipper X Reader)

Why not? (Older Dipper X Reader)

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WARNING: This story is where the reader has Anxiety and this Dipper X Reader will be more mature than my older ones

[ I've written a few Dipper X Readers and a lot of Older Wendip, so I'll take a shot at this. ]

Y/N was searching for a new life, something that could give her life a little spice. Then she met Dipper and found out exactly what she had wanted.

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_Paraga_ _Paraga_ Oct 22
i would have skipped breakfast being use to it
                              -like i don't have time not i can't-
Sees Bill and thinks 
                              1) BILL CYPHER 
                              2) BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY
                              3)The tab
Anyone else realize she said WATTPAD and not just bill?! FOURTH WALL HAS BEEN BROKEN!!
lov3ly11 lov3ly11 Oct 02
If this wasn't already in gravity falls, dipper and livi posters everywhere with a misty blue and green wall.
_Arace_ _Arace_ Aug 15
I imagine just flopping down onto my bed face first and having my feet just sticking up in the air xD 😂😂
_Paraga_ _Paraga_ Oct 22
i can cook ramen? eh ima pretend it's pho and spring rolls :B