A Little Zodiac ( A Fruits Basket Fanfic )

A Little Zodiac ( A Fruits Basket Fanfic )

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Not AbLOVE It All By _Glyx_ Completed

•Melanie's POV•

I open my eyes, and my mother is leaning over me, adoring me. "Melanie. Your name is Melanie." The male doctor holds me up.


He drops me on the bed, a blue fox. "Zodiac curse...curse..." My mother mumbles. She takes me out of the hospital.

I sit up in my bed and look around. It's been 14 exact years since then, and today is my birthday. My mom is at the foot of the bed, smiling at me. "Hi sweetie, happy birthday!" She perks. I smile. She was the only one to ever accept me. To care for me. To love me.

She is the only person I can trust and confide in. "Hi mom! What's first?" I ask. "We're going on a walk, so make sure you put something cozy on." "Ok!"

We've been walking for about twenty minutes now, and my mom says "Go." "What?" I ask. "Leave me and never come back." She says. "I-I don't understand." She slaps me, hard. "GO AWAY!!!" She yells, and I run into the forest crying.

As I'm running, I tumble and fall flat on my face. I realize what's happened: I've ...

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Roses are red 
                              Cactus are prickly
                              I have to say
                              This escalated quickly
FandomKitty8 FandomKitty8 Apr 03, 2016
Wait your name is Aaliyah my name is Alliyah omg its been ages since I've met, seen or read about someone with a very similar name
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 16, 2016
That's not a very happy birthday. 
                              FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!
                              Nope. That sucks. It sounded like the mother waited until that day.
princessluna16 princessluna16 Feb 22, 2016
Haha no problem. I'm glad I inspired you to write this story. Good job so far. ^^ ~Nicoletta