The Healer of my History

The Healer of my History

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HannahNicoleJones By HannahNicoleJones Updated Jun 19, 2013

As my plane landed in Los Angeles, I smiled to myself. This my my life now. My new life. I was excited to get to my apartment. I will be living on the main floor. There is only 2 floors, with an apartment on top and one on bottom. I walked off of the plane and looked at the large airport room, full with everyone. I saw a guy in a taxi uniform with a sign that says Skylah Alexander. I smiled and walked up to him. 

"Skylah?" He asked me. 

"Yes." I answered and got Into the taxi. 

"Where you going?" 

"34th street, please." 

     I stepped out of the taxi in front of my apartment. I was shocked of how glorious it looked! I walked in the entrance door. There was a stair case for the upstairs apartment. There wasn't any door downstairs so I walked up the stairs. There was a laundry room and a two doors down the hall. 

     I saw two guys doing laundry, and right when I walked in they both looked at me. One of the boys had a white tank top on with dark blue jeans, while the other had a ...