The Cat & The Ladybug

The Cat & The Ladybug

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Lemon Dash/Blue Rose By bellarob40 Updated Nov 25

Marinette's  parents are gone, sadly. Now she lives with the guy of her dreams, Adrien Agreste. 

Apparently Adrien's Parents were friends with Mari's parents and Adrien's parents agreed that if anything happen to Mari's parents then Mari would live with  Adrien's family, and If anything happened to Adrien's parents then he would live with Marinette. 

Now that Marinette's parents are gone she lives with Adrien. How will this work out? With Adrien as Chat Noir and Marinette as Ladybug, how will they keep it a secret from everyone they live with? Find out in this Miraculous story.

RAnd0MnEzS RAnd0MnEzS Oct 13
Why is she not crying?! Her parent just died xD she is just too nomal.
I fill sorry for Marinette I know how it fills to losesomeone you care for but this is a good story
- - Jun 10
You should probably use quotation marks for when they are speaking, aka dialogue, and use nothing when it's just writing ^^
DashXBlitz DashXBlitz May 21
I dont like this story....………...................I LOVE THIS STORY