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The Book Of Fate Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic

The Book Of Fate Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic

38K Reads 2K Votes 24 Part Story
ugh By GirlLikesToRead2003 Completed

To everyone that knows her, Marinette is just a regular girl, but she has a secret that no-one knows about. She is ladybug, defender of Paris. Everyone loves her, especially her partner-in-not-crime, Cat Noir. His secret identity is Adrien, a model for his father's fashion company and the boy Marinette has a HUGE crush on. Neither of them know the other's secret, but what would happen if they did?
OMG 20.3K READS!!!!!!! Why do you guys even read my crap?!? Thank you so much and I'm glad so many of you guys enjoyed it! :)
I don't own these characters or the show. Just to let u know. I also got the book cover from google images so the only thing I own from this story is the actual writing.

*facepalm while shaking my head left and right* ADRIEN!!!!! MARIENETTE AND LADYBUG ARE THE SAME! AND U AND CHAT ARE THE SAME!
susiej1118 susiej1118 Jan 04
So oblivios,! It. Hurts! Someone helo me . This is just too sad. They need to have a long look at them selfs.
susiej1118 susiej1118 Jan 04
Ok history is reapeating. The y should just listen to them selfs now
feelin-snazzy feelin-snazzy Aug 13, 2016
K this has nothing to do with the story but I just realized I've been biting my tongue for like the past five mins and it feels weird now
- - Sep 02, 2016
It's just a mask, doesn't even cover her whole face. Same hair, same eyes, same voice come on
TeaghanBrownie78 TeaghanBrownie78 Oct 05, 2016
Does he seriously not even notice all the pictures of himself on Marinette's bedroom walls?? Not to mention the stalker chart too XD