Demi's Dungeon (BDSM Lesbian Stories)

Demi's Dungeon (BDSM Lesbian Stories)

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*She wrapped her arms and legs around me, kissing my shoulder.

Her lips grazed my ear as she spoke quietly. 

'This is what wearing that collar should feel like, me wrapped around you, protecting you, and loving you.'*

Ever feel, out of place? Like you have to hide your desires and urges for fear you'll be judged, shamed, or humiliated? Like no one could understand the sexy, sick and twisted things in your mind? 
You have either received this email because you've requested information from someone, or someone has noticed you, and thinks you may seek something we can provide. Friday afternoon at 3 pm someone will be reading a Rolling Stone magazine from years ago, with the Spice girls on the cover, outside the Starbucks on the corner of 4th and Main. 
There's no need to be afraid, you're in no way being forced or threatened. Simply being presented with an opportunity. 
No one is meant to be truly alone in this world, take the chance to find where you belong.

Contains VARIOUS elements of kink and BDSM. Power exchange, age play, pet play, ect.

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onedirection8680 onedirection8680 Dec 23, 2017
Idk how i feel about this 😂
                              I'm nervous yet excided but anxouis.
                              I have emotions and I'm not prepared.
onedirection8680 onedirection8680 Dec 23, 2017
Is it bad idk who the spice girls are? 
                              I've heard of them and know they're a group  . . . . But I've never listened to them or seen a photo 😂
                              Never really cared tbh.
- - Apr 05, 2017
Damn, not even   into the story yet and my mouth is watering.
onedirection8680 onedirection8680 Dec 23, 2017
Okay but like  . . . . . . . . . . That name is never in stories let alone spelt right.
                              I need to visit city hall and change my name before continuing.
KiaraLuv4Life KiaraLuv4Life Nov 19, 2017
I litterally live for this when in public it's way too interesting to make back stories for everyone
                              I. Need. A. Life.
onedirection8680 onedirection8680 Dec 23, 2017
I feel awkward yet excided. 
                              My name is here (spelt correctly) is giving me mixed emotions 😂