TEACHER MATE 1- Edited and Revised Version-(BWWM)

TEACHER MATE 1- Edited and Revised Version-(BWWM)

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Alicia By daff123 Completed

This is the second version of Teacher's Mate. The first version was taken down due to it being a private novel. Instead of deleting the entire series because of is famous reputation, I kept most of the chapters and fixed the others by deleting the extreme sensuality and adding missing parts from the first story not to mention correcting some of the grammar and such. The same story line, the same characters, the same!!! No different than the original but only a few words. Its Revised not completely rewritten.            


Cameron Ian Sorice is 22 and rich, hot.....everything every she-wolf would ever want until he meets his mate, Rosalyn Steel 27 shy and timid young woman....Teacher of Cameron. Upon Rosalyn's new challenging job she runs into something that will change the course of her life. Can this shy, low-self esteem woman come to realization that a hard core, hot bad boy is her mate?

Read and find out. 

Mature Novel- 17+ Or Mature. No Thirteen year olds or younger. This book is sexual and requires only a mature audience. "Not for kids who think they are mature either."

Some chapters have full sexual content and some don't but this version is milder than the other version but it does not have a LOAD OF EXPLICIT sex on every chapter. That was the other version, not this one!! So if your reading it for that, I'm sorry but the story is better than JUST the sex.

Authors: Daff123 and Co-writer Cheysoccer16

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