The Dangers of Islam: The Convert

The Dangers of Islam: The Convert

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Helena Won By HelenaWon Updated Jul 08, 2019

"Your husband is a terrorist! You rag-headed murderers! DIE!" A random woman yelled before hurling an egg towards the young woman. 
     "Mama," Khadijah whispered fearfully before wrapping her arms around the hijab-clad woman. 

      Iman inhaled deeply before covering Khadijah with her body. Her daughter had suffered enough. She wouldn't let the bigots get to her. She swore that on her life. Iman had been hit with eggs, stones, and other minuscule items ever since the media had descended on her. They wanted to know how it was possible for Dawood Khan's wife to not know that her husband was a terrorist. He wasn't. There wasn't a terrifying strand of hair on his head. She knew what happened that day, the day Dawood was taken from them. Her five-year old daughter had faced the carnage head on while she was at work. A day filled with joy had turned their lives upside down.

     Iman Abdullah was a warrior. She would find out what happened to her husband. She would find him. She would bring him justice from the very system that had betrayed the young soldier. He was the most patriotic and humble Muslim American she had ever met. I wouldn't be easy, but her life never had been. 

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