My Stubborn Alpha [GirlxGirl]

My Stubborn Alpha [GirlxGirl]

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NegativeNine By NegativeNine Updated Dec 03

Werewolves and Vampires?

What is this? Twilight?

I always thought I'd just graduate, live in an apartment alone with atleast 10 cats to keep me company, and then die due to unnatural causes. 

But this, this isn't what I signed up for, what used to be just another normal day in school has turned into an eventful rollercoaster ride for me.

And it all started with HER. Ever since she came around, nothing has been the same for me. 

The worst part of all?

It's that I enjoyed every bit of it.

Or so I thought...

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5'7 isn't thats short but when some one is 7'11 and your 5'7 yeah you feel short
SheilaFal SheilaFal Apr 01
U know..., from i just read, i prefer Shay+Cass friendship love evolving, than before go with the other girl stranger.
justplaintired justplaintired Dec 05, 2016
There's this wonderful invention it's called a cellphone people use it to call when someones late to see where they are and when they'll get there maybe you should have one I mean you are a teenager after all I thought all of them had one glued to their hands.
CJadeNuc CJadeNuc Nov 24, 2016
'Only' 5'7 Boi~ get dafuq out of here, what are talking about 'only'
                              If you think you're 'only' 5'7, what am I? A minion with my 4'11 looking self