"His Lost Bestfriend" (Gray X Reader) (Complete)

"His Lost Bestfriend" (Gray X Reader) (Complete)

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♕Kim-chan♕ By My_Light_In_My_Heart Completed

Long time ago when Gray was still little he had a very bestfriend named (name). She was the first girl who is very close to him (and Ur of course) they live together with Ur and Leon they trained together sleep together and they live happily...

But one day..

When Ur sacrifice herself because of that "Monster" Gray ran away while Leon also walk away really angry. (name) wanted to stop them from leaving But they pushed her away..

"Will Gray still remember his Best friend?" After years he ran away and leave (name) alone in that cold snowy night.."will he?..or not?.."..

"Gray x Reader"

Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 6 days ago
You forgot my name!!!!!  Little biatch gonna die………………jk
It's weird... I wanna name my wolf Croconaw from Pokemon.... XD
LunaFromFandomland LunaFromFandomland Dec 31, 2016
Perverted dreams....and they are only 8......they'll have sexy future
LunaFromFandomland LunaFromFandomland Dec 31, 2016
Guys I'm 8! So are you! So don't get to naughty.....not yet....
ayame_mori ayame_mori Mar 04
"Babybras" 😂😂😂 I can imagine that and it's hilarious!!!
I'm just imagining myself as Anzu from hanamaru kindergarten XD