The Smiler → Lashton

The Smiler → Lashton

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The story went that if you saw 'The Smiler' then you were going to die, he'd lurk a distance away but make it unavoidable to see him. The only description people would point about him was the smile that was present on his lips, it was a way to taunt his next victim before he inevitably killed them. 

For every person who had seen him and notified the police, the person was found dead merely a day later and so Luke thought this was going to happen to him but 'The Smiler' seemed to have other plans for the pretty blonde.

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JenBug02 JenBug02 Mar 28
I'm angry because I've been in Michaels line for as long as I can remember and this is killing me ): already...
Check-Yes-Lukey Check-Yes-Lukey Feb 21, 2016
Please continue this. I desperately want to know what comes next. This is great wow I'm so excited. I read a lot of your works by the way and each one never fails to amaze me. Keep it up girl! ;)
Michaels_Cupcake Michaels_Cupcake Sep 01, 2016
Ashton_TheFarmer Ashton_TheFarmer Aug 29, 2016
I love psycho Ashton but I'm a little spooked to be reading this at 1:00am
If I were in Michaels place, I would make sure to be around someone at all time, and have them follow me to the police station and then make sure they put me in a safe room thingy
narrysbish narrysbish Aug 31, 2016
Omg i just thought of something. Michael should just say hes blind. I would id be like: Smiler who???? Im blind dafuq