His Queen |h.s.|

His Queen |h.s.|

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"She is a bare diamond found in a sea of pointless extravagance."

Two hearts spoke with such vehemence;
two minds clamored. 

For you see, what our hearts say is a thousand times louder than that of our mind's scream.

"Hush darling; you're mine now."

A King.
A Servant.

"Shall I make not my claim on you, I might brand myself an utter fool for letting you go." 

Shall their hearts intertwine as one sweet melody, shall their minds sing in sweet, sweet symphony; everything, every mayhem and havoc that blocks their everlasting harmony shall dissolve into a cloud of dust and vanish forever. 

Never to be seen.
Never to be felt. 

For love conquers all.
For their sweet, sweet melody shall prevail until the end of time.

"My darling, you are my bare diamond found in a sea of pointless extravagance."

Indeed; love truly conquers all.

H I S  Q U E E N

Try my world sister I can't go down the road without my mom freaking out that I'll get snatched or get hit by a car
I recommend around the century that the show Reign is based on, I think it's 17th century? Not sure. It's based on Mary Queen of Scots's reign, but the dresses have an incredibly modern touch to it (they're GORGEOUS) so yeah
I've been reading all of your chapters and have just voted. I think you're such a talented, wonderful writer and you definitely deserve loads and loads more recognition! This story is wonderful ❤️