Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

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What happens when Tony's newest invention goes awry? Well, it sends some of our favourite heroes back to the early years of their lives.

Follow Bruce in his adventures in caring for these tiny terrors!

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Me: Sounds cute af *holds up a camera*
                              JARVIS: I don't think now's the time, Marie.
legend126 legend126 Oct 01, 2016
well youR MOMMY'S DEAD
                              everyone else: *stares*
                              everyone else: *cries more loudly*
                              well fu(k
legend126 legend126 Oct 01, 2016
lol always gotta be sure it's not something bad so poke it with a broom
Ninagogirl Ninagogirl Aug 27
Ok just a random thought, what if Siri/Alexa/Cortana met Jarvis?
Jemma-cat12 Jemma-cat12 Aug 10
The invention exploded? What else is new, cough*ultron*cough
Poor Bruce, hopefully he doesn’t hulk out on accident 😂