The Baby Avengers (An Avengers FanFic)

The Baby Avengers (An Avengers FanFic)

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pair_of_shoes_ By TheLittleWritingGirl Completed

It's been 6 months since the Avengers left S.H.I.E.L.D. and became independent. Pepper had gone to her sister's for a few months. Tony was working on his new project, when he called us down. But something happened. And I, Bruce Banner, have almost gone out of my mind.

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HermioneJG HermioneJG Aug 31
I feel your pain, Steve. -Admin who also has Asthma and it flipping sucks
fun-forever fun-forever Jul 26
Tony: I'm really smart, really rich-
                              Me: Tssss typical tin can
                              Tony: -and have a light in my chest.
                              Me: Awwwww *dies because of too much cuteness*
This inaccurate! Last chapter said 3. Then it was 4. Now there are 5!!! Babies are coming outa knowhere now!!! ((Anyone get the reference
                              Hint: "I am ________"
Damn, Clint is old enough to talk. Kidding, Clint is awesome!
                              Everyone: *claps*
                              Me: *bows* 
                              Harvard College: I WANT YOU!!!!
Tony. Why are you so attached to this movie in just a couple minutes?!