Me And Mr (NOT SO) Perfect

Me And Mr (NOT SO) Perfect

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Emily Augustus.

A girl with blue, almond eyes, brunette hairs and a fair complexion, is a perfect example of a nerd. A nerd with severe trust issues. The only default is that she hates Math. With absolutely no social life, Cindy and books are her only best friends. 

Jake Cameron.

He is the darn hot new guy at Brooklyn High. He can make every boy jealous, and girls go crazy with his jet black hairs and angled jaw. No doubt, he was titled MR Perfect by everyone the day he entered the school premises.

But Emily finds this Mr Perfect annoying, insane and of course, not so perfect. And why won't she? After all, no normal person snatches away your book in their first meet.

Amidst of stupid fights, hang outs, emotional bonds, awkward situations, and unwanted proximity, will she be able to resist her feelings? Or will she start falling for this NOT SO PERFECT MR PERFECT?

{ Highest Ranking : #5 in Teen Fiction (30/10/16) }

Wren_Birdy Wren_Birdy Nov 19
Hi. Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOUR WORKS ❤❤❤
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Oh god I can swear on my life this novel is AMAZING ❤❤❤
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Thus,you & your stories happened due to to swiftie song too as we got such a nice novel to support is with you dear.
Maggieandu Maggieandu Nov 22
I'm going to start reading this as soon as I finish reading my current read. Thanks for inviting me. X Janice
Can I just say, I LOVE THAT COVER!! 2 of my favorite celebrities. ❤💁
I already love this novel because it has daniel and emma in it