"The New King." |Skybrine|

"The New King." |Skybrine|

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Demure Fuzzy thing By Arukira Updated May 15, 2017

[The King of Monsters and Humanity]

God of the Nether, why'd you personally give the brunet 'gifts' that humanity in Minecraftia thought was impossible?

Creatures of the night, why are you vowing to a guy who's race has murdered your kind?

Who secretly slips in like nothing was wrong, even though he still felt the all of the monsters mourn for his prescence?

Why is their suspicion growing everytime he forgets to mask his lies?

Wolves howl, arrows and swords are risen, and the 
Monsters look stronger. How?

Leader of the Sky Army, what are you hiding behind those sunglasses?

God of Nether, why did you pass the crown?

[Skydoesminecraft/Skybrine Fanfic]
[Author: Arukira]

"I'm the new King?"

Sky was just an innocent child; optimistic, inquisitive and bubbly. Prophecies were never meant to rip his happiness from him--they made sure of that, or atleast, they were sure.

He never expected more than being a young adult who hunted for a living in a village with desceased parents. An outcast who's fate was so predictable--they never saw it coming.

Fate has other plans, as well as one of them being a certain hotheaded, stoic and sarcastic male . Sky struggles to learn what's truly right and what was wrong in a world of chaos.

Even as a mob speaks to him, even as he weilds a scythe,  he didn't see it coming either.

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done reading chapter (love it)
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