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"I'm so..sorry" i stuttered out scared "I'm sorry, please don't hurt me" I sob out.

Looking down at his shoes I close my eyes and wait for the blow.

"Hey look at me. Hey" Damien says gently.

Feeling the Sparks from his touch he lifts my chin up gently with his hand I look into his eyes. Wait is that ....hurt in his eyes..

"Why would you think I would hurt you little one?" Damien asks hurt.

"Because I always get hurt" I say without any emotion.


Meet Rosie a shy, quiet seventeen year old werewolf that has been through hell and back at such a young age. growing up without a mother Rosie Only had her dad, brother and the Kingsley family by her side. Being the sister of the beta you would think she would be respected by the pack, but no. Being bullied her whole life by the pack kids she learned from a very young age that telling people your problems doesn't solve anything. 

Throughout her seventeen years of life she has been through more than an average wolf should. She's been hurt, tortured, scarred and most importantly broken. Picking up the shattered pieces luna Alexa has been her only true friend in life. When Alexa arrived at her pack when she was five years old, Rosie thought her life would get better after that. And it did, but Alexa nor her brother or dad could save her from the pain she suffered.

Believing her whole life she wasn't good enough or pretty enough, she stopped listening to all the wonderful stories of having a mate. She never thought that one day someone could come along and take away her pain. But she didn't want that. As much as her wolf and heart was telling her how much they wanted their other half, Rosie always refused. She couldn't deal with another thing breaking her. Her heart was the only thing left and she didn't want that broken as well...

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random_tahine random_tahine Sep 05, 2016
Sorry I don't know that book, but no I just used rose from my other book and Damien was a name recommended by my friend🙃