You know You're A Kpop Trash When...

You know You're A Kpop Trash When...

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Goddammit, Damian. By Vegitomato Updated Nov 12

This book is where you belong-- WRONG! This book is for Koreaboos such as yourselves. No one accepts your KPOP obsessions? You can stay here. Come, and join us! We have jams! Loads of 'em.

Slip into the diamond of life with us and get loads of jams and Yoongi/Jihoon's swaeg! We go BANG! BANG! BANG! EVERYDAY, EVERY NIGHT, FEEL LIKE A FOOL, YOU GOTTA KNOW.

This book is not that DOPE, not that BAD, it's JUST RIGHT and simply goes UP&DOWN. You either FLY, or RUN, or you can just ride the AIRPLANE.

You're gonna be needing Jisoos Christ's bible and Jihoon's guitar and Youngjae's English throughout the book. Be careful...because YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT YOU KNOW.

I wanted to share this book to my other accounts but sadly I'm too SHY SHY SHY. So IF YOU DO read this book, please beware because it's really DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! But SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA BE BOLD JUST ROCK THE WORLD-- BOO YAH! Or you can just chill and eat some ICE CREAM CAKE.

O.M.G I know, I'm such a LOSER and BABY I'M SO LONELY! LONELY! LONELY! LONELY! LONELY! but this book brings me HAPPINESS and it sets me on FIRE! BULTAOREUNAE! And If you think you're UGLY, I just wanna tell you one thing, 너 예쁘다 and someone out there ADOREs U.

We all shout MANSAE when our faves has a comeback. So please read this BEAUTIFUL book and make sure to have fun becasue WE LIKE 2 PARTY. I just wanted to say SORRY, SORRY for the long description but HEY! I'M MR. SIMPLE and we all make mistakes and please proceed to Chapter 1.

- - Feb 28
That's was me las time in my class xD
                              Teacher: You must not shout it loud out, when you know the answer!
                              Me: But-
                              Teacher: SHHH!
                              Me: -.-'? (thinking what the fuc* is her problem?!)
Vegitomato Vegitomato Aug 29
LMAO CHAPTER 1 HAS SEVENTEEN COMMENTS HA. Well it has 18 now 'coz I commented. ._.
Imma a bit disappointed there's no exo's song on your description . 😥
Wow.. i like the description it's cool!! How can u make it!! Wowwww
taelightful taelightful May 15
whenever someone says 17 i come out of the shadows and start screaming "SAY THE NAME! SEVENTEEEEEEEEEEEN YUP TU TUT TUT "
Wow.. i like the description it's cool!! How can u make it!! Wowwww