Crystal is taken from all she knows. School, family, friends, gone. And she hasn't even a clue where she is or how far away she is from home. And the man who has her is dangerous. Very dangerous.
WTF? I wish I could've skipped a grade. Everyone in my grade are immature little shits.
Lol I'm in the same grade and was supposed to skip first grade also
That's funny, I just turned 13 in February and I'm in 8th. Except I skipped 5th grade and went to 6th instead of skipping 1st grade.
my friend read this book and she said it's nice..she already narrated it to me, from beginning to ending! hahhaha but then I want to read it myself! XD lols adding this to my lib! ^^
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Love this book! Its sad but really good! Keep writing.. you got talent (: 
                                                                                    Xoxo, Adri♡