Forgetting (Discontinued)

Forgetting (Discontinued)

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Love_Rebels By love_rebels Updated Aug 02, 2017

Disclaimer:I do not own Star Wars Rebels. It is owned by Disney and Lucasfilm. 

On a mission gone wrong, tragedy strikes, leaving a member in a bad state. The crew finds out what happened, but then looses the member to the Empire.

Distraught and confused, the member seeks out help. Offered false information, they seek revenge on the Rebellion for something not real.

What will happen to them? What will the crew do to get them back, from the grasp of darkness?

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CommentsByGalaxy CommentsByGalaxy Jun 08, 2016
Admiral Ackabar and the legendary 'I've got a bad feeling about this'!!!
love_rebels love_rebels Mar 27, 2016
Thank you
                              Well I don't know everyone else ends one or two chapters with a little of suspense.
Salminion Salminion Mar 30, 2016
Well, a wise Internet thing once told me that everything has room for improvement, because no thing's perfect. So really, my story can do better, yours can, everyone's can. But I think it's good!!! Maybe add a but more detail, but other then that it's fine!!!!
Rude_Baby_Red Rude_Baby_Red Jul 25, 2016
-Admiral Ackbar at the battle of endor.
                              -Leah on Cloud city.
storyteller0714 storyteller0714 Apr 06, 2016
This is actually really good but I'll just say that more detail could be added.
Shanabuttercup Shanabuttercup May 11, 2016
This book is amazing all it needs is a few more detail but hey it's your story so keep up the awesome writing