The Wolf In The Moon (BoyxBoy/MPreg) UNDER EDITING

The Wolf In The Moon (BoyxBoy/MPreg) UNDER EDITING

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Imma Edit That Out! By Jin-Jin- Updated Sep 13, 2016

Book 2 to The Big Bad Wolf's Mate. Both Xander and his parent's  (Alex, Henson) POV...they'll pop up now and then.

Xander Pierce was born blind. He had never seen the world around him. He only heard and used his imagination to try and put together what things look like.

He feels he has no reason to live as he is completely useless until he meets the one person worth living (struggling) for.

  • love
  • mushy
  • powerful
  • romance
  • werewolf
yasholovescats yasholovescats Jun 18, 2016
Bites for them when they find out you're the all powerful lycan😂
SkaterJordan12 SkaterJordan12 Sep 26, 2016
*gets snacks*
                              *gets tissues*
                              *turns off lights*
                              *gets comftable in bed*
                              OK let's do dis!
                              *opens book*
                              *laughs at what I thought the cover was then looks closer*
                              Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought the cover was a foot.....
ElizabethGraham0 ElizabethGraham0 May 08, 2016
I hope that potion has lasting side effects like fixing what's broken including his eyes. Would he heal if he shifts??? Hmmmm...
camerashy90 camerashy90 Apr 24, 2016
Would it be Xander and Edward? Update soon. I love it. Dont ever feel like youre a burden to your parents. Parents who are sane would never think that their kid is a burden to them.