The Shadow King (sequel to The Crimson Queen)

The Shadow King (sequel to The Crimson Queen)

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Alec Hutson By AlecHutson Updated Aug 23

The Shadow King is the sequel to The Crimson Queen, and picks up right where the last book left off. So it is highly recommended that you read The Crimson Queen first!

SPOILERS BELOW if you haven't finished The Crimson Queen


The young Talent Keilan is again in the hands of the paladin Senacus, who hopes to find his own salvation by returning him to Menekar and through the power of Ama fashioning him into a mighty weapon against sorcerers . . . .

His old companions Nel and Vhelan follow close behind the fleeing Pure, desperate to rescue Keilan before he vanishes into the Gilded Cities . . . .

The Chosen are loose again in the world, threatening another Raveling like destroyed the ancient homeland of the Shan . . . . 

While in the Empire of Swords and Flowers a young woman is called upon to avenge her father's death and return honor to her family . . . .

Will this be a big enough change to make us reread the crimson queen?
oysterslut oysterslut Apr 04
Sorry you were right and I suppose that's why you're my favorite writer on wattpad
Maenwyn Maenwyn Apr 26
May be more clear, "embroidered yi shirt she wore when she arrived many months ago. "
I'm guessing you took a mix of worldly religions like Christianity and Buddhism etc, to make these two books
AlecHutson AlecHutson Aug 23
The map was drawn by the very talented stratomunchkin, who can be found at 
Man. I was kinda hoping that we'd know what happened to Alyanna