The Bad Boy And The Badass (Completed)

The Bad Boy And The Badass (Completed)

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What are you a Stalker?? By livelaughlove2013 Completed

“You don't seem like a nerd so what are you?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he eyed my black rimmed glasses, thick woollen jersey and ratted converses. I crossed my arms and did the same to him.


“You don't seem like a bad boy that actually turns out to be gay but we are all mistaken sometimes.” I replied watching as he stepped closer making my back press against the wall.


“Your only a little mistaken, I am the schools bad boy but i most definitely am not gay,” he whispered in my ear causing me to shiver. "What are you?" he continued slowly.

I leaned up so that my lips were brushing against his cheek, smirking as I watched him gulp.

“Well none of yours is right because I’m definitely not a nerd, I’m just a girl in disguise.” With that I side stepped his arms and skipped down the hallway, only pausing when i reached the class room door. I looked over my shoulder sending him a wink when i noticed that he was still watching me.

 Things just got a whole lot better.

Lexi Dylan's is the badass the whole world knows but when she's forced to move, she decides to get revenge. Getting rid of the tight cloths and leather she becomes a nerd. But when the schools bad boy comes into the picture things get even more interesting. Will she keep the act going???

                              You're so salty that the ocean is jealous of you
                              Wtf did I just say
She ‘skipped down the hallway.’ That’s right the badass ‘skipped down the hallway.’
I paragraph in and I all ready know we could be best friends coz u watch teen wolf 🐺
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that's the problem of being a rich kid and also everyone thinks you are happy when actually you are more sad than a goth
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