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The Time of Flash (The Flash, Barry Allen)

The Time of Flash (The Flash, Barry Allen)

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Serenity Queen is an archer like her brother, Oliver Queen. Yeah, she knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow and she is on Team Arrow with Felicity and Diggle. Unlike Oliver, Serenity wasn't on a remote island for five years. She learned to become an archer from a young age and her claim for learning how to use a bow and arrow was "I needed a hobby" while her brother took up getting with girls as a hobby.   Another hobby she took up was being an artist. One day she meets Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who lives in Central City who ends up going back after a case he helped Team Arrow at. A few months after Barry's visit, Serenity gets a job as a sketch artist for the Central City Police Department. As well as working for the CCPD, Serenity gets a job as a designer at STAR Labs but doesn't start working after 5 months of the particle accelerator explosion. 
What happens if she sees Barry at STAR Labs in a coma? What happens if she knows to heroes of two different cities? Will she become a hero herself? Read more in The Time of Flash.

Harriet the spy! Inspector Gadget's neice Penny! Buffy's sister (YES THEYRE TRUE SISTERS NO MATTER WHAT!)!
Big eyes... very big eyes... so big... so... beautifully large... so frickin' amazing... so.... b i g.
Well in Flash they said in S1 E1 when Flash went to see Arrow 600miles, so I'd say about 10 hours give or take a few
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Dawn Summers! Anyone else? No..Okay..*goes to a corner, and sits down*
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