Knocking ✿ Peterick

Knocking ✿ Peterick

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i dont love you By BrendonUrinal Completed

"Oh my god, Patrick! Learn to knock."
"Shit. Sorry."


In which Patrick Stump learns to knock on his roommate's door.

leatrek leatrek Jul 29
brebo, is model and has soul voice, not a bad dicc, love ryro ryoss, party hardy, is half the reason u have no milk (the other reason being ryro ryoss)
Loves Ryan Ross and milk and has huge forehead. Also Brendon "fuckboyd" Urie is an extreme fuckboy
I almost threw my phone cross the room. What is this lie you're telling?
leatrek leatrek Jul 29
makes coffee, plays guitar bc $$$, outgoing, sassy, very intrusive, no manners, makes huge messes out of his meme collection
Now that the end is here & I know it's gunna hurt, I'M READY TO REREAD & KEEP GOING CUZ I MISSED A SHITTON OF UPDATES BOOYAH & I forgot where I left off rip
I can't come up with anything funny to say Cause I'm too busy laughing at the comments...