Crow Demons Child

Crow Demons Child

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You are the son of Sebastian Michaelis but you don't know him because you were taken away from him after you were born and your mother died from something and it was kinda weird because she was a demon too. You are a very rare demon that makes all females demons go crazy just to be with you. You are a dragon mixed in with a weapon demon meaning you can turn into your demon and can summon any type of weapon like the Demon Sword.

You really don't talk much just nod and shrug. You are the head butler of the Xiao Estate. Your in a contract with May Xiao the head of her Estate and Company. 

The Queen sends a letter for the Guard Dog and Dragon, what will happen?

offlineforidk offlineforidk Aug 29, 2016
*cue my little pony theme*
                              MY LITTLE DRAGON
                              MY LITTLE DRA-*gets slapped*
3978113 3978113 Jan 08
I love your story! Check and read my own stories of human three caballeros and black butler too, if you want to of course.
Jay-and-Jayz Jay-and-Jayz Jul 03, 2016
Oh ya true I forgot he are Japanese dizz nuts xD sorry for this
Jay-and-Jayz Jay-and-Jayz Jul 03, 2016
I know right!! I always had been handsome anyway. 
                              Jayz: Jay your pride going well
                              Jayz: what? 
                              Jay: it's growing 😁😁😁
Freedom-Howl Freedom-Howl Dec 08, 2016
Freedom, Freedom Alexander death Howl that is my full name weird but I like it
Demon_Lost_Soul Demon_Lost_Soul May 07, 2016
Yep.....I have another character form Hetalia in another story and another