Return Of A Hero  (3B Hero Series) Book 1

Return Of A Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 1

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Rebecca Lynn By _Becca_Lynn__ Completed

**** Nicodemus (Nico) Montague and his little sister Gwynevere (Gwyn) were out in the Bayue. It was nearing the end of the one month long alligator season and his vacation. They still had one tag left to fill, and less than an hour left to get it done. Nico was feeling the pressure. 

He looked up to check the sun. Yep, less than an hour until sunset. Night hunting was illegal in Louisiana, so they had to fill this tag fast and make it count.

One week before the start of the gator season his uncle had broken a leg. So his father (known as the Gator King) called up his two kids asking that they help him fill tags. Nico and Gwyn had agreed.

Behind him sat his 18 year old sister, Gwyn grinning at his back as she watched him slip their last white tag into his pocket for luck. She knew he was bound an determined to win the bet he and their daddy had made. The one to get the largest gator of the day had to clean out the hunting boats the next morning.

Gwyn being the smaller of the two was...

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Beach_Bum13 Beach_Bum13 Nov 22
Wait, the one to get the largest gator had to clean out the boats? Is it that exciting that they have to fight over it or did you mean the smallest gator?
vaccbi09 vaccbi09 May 30, 2016
I have read the other book's and I am waiting for Book 3's update.  
                              I think that maybe this one should have been first.  This story seems just right to read on this Memorial Day with the rain and thunder@ 1 AM.
-jubilee -jubilee Apr 06, 2016
Really? I didn't know that!! 😬😬😬
                              LOL! NOW I KNOW 😂😂