He's MINE || Cat Noir/Adrien X Reader

He's MINE || Cat Noir/Adrien X Reader

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"Hunky Dory" By Danalpswolf Updated Mar 05

Ever heard of the Luna Moon miraculous? 



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Kittenclaw Kittenclaw May 31
oh god my stomach hurts 😂😂😂 i'm dying, send halp 😂😂
It sounds like my character Myra Jones in my stories, though I don't cut or have depression in reality just in the stories!
Tac0Dreams Tac0Dreams May 30
U actually can't run from fear....or ur problems.......u have to face them ur self
Can I kill myself because that time? I'd rather die than go at 7am
JustANormalWaffle JustANormalWaffle Aug 07, 2016
'she makes you take your clothes off'
                              'she takes away the pain like a bullet to the BRAAIIIN' 
                              Those are said in the song. LMAO
ShivertheWolf ShivertheWolf Jul 26, 2016
Hmm, I'm liking this story! I wonder if the reader will ever get over her depression?