He's MINE || [Cat Noir/Adrien X Reader]

He's MINE || [Cat Noir/Adrien X Reader]

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Ever heard of the Luna Moon miraculous? 


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Kr_noize Kr_noize Oct 14
Daughter: Mom, I'm pregnant.
                              Marinette: ...
                              Daughter: I vape.
Me: well kiss me if I'm wrong but is your name Nino? 
                              Adrien(aka my future bae) : um no, my name is Adrien
                              Me: and I'm wrong, nice to meet you! 
                              *leans forward to kiss*
                              Adrien: *ducks outta the way*
                              Me:*kisses the floor instead*
When I was in my apartment in itali (with my family) I didn't understood, why does the supermarket casher means when he says picolo. Unil I realised it was small...
                              I'm better at French .-.
Coloring is what I normally do in my spare time(except on when I'm reading)
AndiJackson AndiJackson Oct 02
All my crushes have been my best friends. I've had two crushes so far bc my mom won't let me date until junior high. And I'm from America, sooo… this is all very confusing.
_Inssanity _Inssanity Sep 23
Where can I buy these Adrians and how much do they cost? A soul? two souls?