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The boy who cried werewolf ( Sterek )

The boy who cried werewolf ( Sterek )

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Xion By Xionkeyblades Completed

Stiles is a guy who thinks every thing is normal less does he know where he lives in full of supernatural stuff. He soon meets a young werewolf  named Darek who Stiles soon falls in love with but will Derek tell him about being a wolf or not

I love horror movies but then I'd be staying cause no sane person goes outside in the dark after watching a horror movie. I'd end up being so paranoid
julebug julebug Jun 25, 2016
Idk how you can be writing a gay fanfic if you don't even know how to spell or make sense of your own words.... No offense, but you need to educate yourself
BrokenDollFace BrokenDollFace Jun 13, 2016
i mean the house, like dang y u liv in a shack bruh wtf xD lololol i can picture saying that to my crush, ps. u got sum grammer probs tho, but the story is hella dope so far
Sterekforlife15910 Sterekforlife15910 Mar 01, 2016
It's stiles 😁 that mistake is bothering the hell out of me sorry
Sterek34 Sterek34 Nov 02, 2016
Scott is a Sterek shipper. Sorry Stiles but your bestfriend is now mine
justanothergirl195 justanothergirl195 Sep 23, 2016
Hey I was wondering if you could check out my story I know I've only done a little bit so far but I just want to get some opinions on it to see whether I should keep going with it or not. Thanks! Xo