Stolen By Ethan Dolan

Stolen By Ethan Dolan

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"Babygirl who is more important to you?" He whispers in my ear. I take a deep breath and look at him and his brother. 

"Just pick one sweetheart" She says. A tear falls out of my eye as I look at the ground.

(This book is about BOTH OF THE TWINS, the title of the book makes sense if you start reading the book Check out the chapter names if you want to see more things that happen if your interested, it's my first Dolan twin book!)

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BabyGkamilah BabyGkamilah 3 days ago
Low-key I would've ran out like WTF DID I JUST DO. SERIOUSLY KAMILAH?
Pfft... I'm definitely NEVER confident 😂 except when I'm jammin to Meghan Trainor
whatdolans whatdolans Oct 24
I know I can do that because I feel I get bullied and cause every year so far I got bullied by the way I love this book
DolanDinosaur DolanDinosaur Aug 30, 2016
u just explained that they liked u, omg, you are stupid, in other words u just like me lol
DolanDinosaur DolanDinosaur Aug 30, 2016
Excuse me... You wouldn't be surprised... If my king... Tyler Oakley... Walked into your school... I think I just choked on air...
sno_kx sno_kx Jul 07, 2016
Child... I would've came to school with a box of chocolates and a ring and be like will you marry me before any hoe tries to.. So i guess that makes me outta control too