Attack On Titan Preferences

Attack On Titan Preferences

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Anastasia Bushby By Annnieans Updated Aug 17

*warning, this book will contain explicit material, if you're like 12 don't read this* 

Okay, so this book at the start was just a joke and something that I did when I was really bored, but It's actually got really popular and I've started to take it seriously, so thank you for that.

This will include; Eren, Jean, Armin and Levi.

If you want me to add anyone, please comment, I would love to add more people :))

And if you have any Ideas, please comment them too, I need more Ideas, I've ran out of ideas and I have no idea what to do anymore XD

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It said in the description of your like 12 don't read it 
                              OH WELL WHO GIVES A DAMM
I'm mature!!! I ain't childish!! Mom!! They said i'm immature!
                              Mom:Shut up you really are immature!
Min_Aira019 Min_Aira019 May 03
Hanji is second commander, I'm not being rude okey? Levi is only 3rd in command his corporal and Captain the same time
yaoiwaffle yaoiwaffle Nov 30
                              THE END 
                              PS HE DREW A PIC OF HER 
                              I DON'T KNOW