Attack On Titan Preferences

Attack On Titan Preferences

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Anastasia Bushby By Annnieans Updated 2 days ago

*warning, this book will contain explicit material, if you're like 12 don't read this* 

Okay, so this book at the start was just a joke and something that I did when I was really bored, but It's actually got really popular and I've started to take it seriously, so thank you for that.

This will include; Eren, Jean, Armin and Levi.

If you want me to add anyone, please comment, I would love to add more people :))

And if you have any Ideas, please comment them too, I need more Ideas, I've ran out of ideas and I have no idea what to do anymore XD

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AloisTrancy05 AloisTrancy05 2 days ago
It said in the description of your like 12 don't read it 
                              OH WELL WHO GIVES A DAMM
I'm mature!!! I ain't childish!! Mom!! They said i'm immature!
                              Mom:Shut up you really are immature!
Hanji is second commander, I'm not being rude okey? Levi is only 3rd in command his corporal and Captain the same time