Pretty Boy (a Jacob Sartorius fanfic)

Pretty Boy (a Jacob Sartorius fanfic)

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queenjsartorius By jacobxwifey Updated Aug 13, 2016

*Erika POV*

We have just moved to Virginia for my dads work. We used to live all the way in Canada. It was a beautiful warm summer day. I was wearing a Nike hat, Nike free runs, a black croptop and leggings.

*Jacob POV*

I look out the window. There are new people moving into the new house across from mine. Damnnn😍 that girl is so hot. Holyyyyy Shitttt😍. She's carrying boxes into her house. 

I quickly run outside and walk over to the girl. 

"Hey do you need any help? I'm Jacob by the way and I live across from you." I noted.

"Uh, sure! I'm Erika and you can grab those boxes over there. We bringing up to my room."

*Erika POV*

Holyyyy omgggg. Jacob is so freaking cute. He seems so nice too. 

We walked up the stairs to my room and set down the boxes.

"Thanks for the help!" I thanked him.

"No problem! It was nice meeting you."

I gazed in his eyes, they were a beautiful hazel colour. He's so precious oh my lordddd. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a girlfriend. I sighed in my...

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AlwaysLegaredaliyah AlwaysLegaredaliyah Jun 22, 2016
Well i was born in Lexington,  Kentucky but i live in California
XscarythoughtsX XscarythoughtsX Oct 15, 2016
This happened to me before when I moved from Germany 🇩🇪 to South Carolina
Rad_reading Rad_reading Aug 15, 2016
Wa wa wa wait hold the the phone the met like about 2⃣secs ago
neonbabe_04 neonbabe_04 Jul 07, 2016
Wait, back the truck up! You met him less than a minute ago! Slow your roll, girl!