Ruby, The Mysterious (Magic Kaito Fanfiction)

Ruby, The Mysterious (Magic Kaito Fanfiction)

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silly writer By utharas Updated Oct 19

One day, KID almost got close to getting caught by Conan. Like really closer than usual. He even got handcuffed. So KID was thinking how to escape, and then suddenly he was surrounded by a red mist. Then he heard a calm voice. It said "I am here to save you, Magician under the moonlight." And when the mist cleared KID disappeared from the scene. 

Who saved KID? To whom did that voice belong to? Just who is mysterious person who have caused so many troubles for the police forces all across the world and at the same time helped them a lot?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except for the characters that haven't appeared in Magic Kaito/ Detective Conan.

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It started off at a good pace and your grammar is very good. The character seems very well thought out and your plot is heading in a good direction! I'm excited to continue on reading ~
NICE PLOT! I'm starting to wonder if she/he is a male with a high pitched voice, or a female with a low pitched voice, or transgender, or something like Kaito's past happened. Meaning her dad died, or whatever.
                              Crap, the possibilities are endless.
Ouuu plot twist! This is so good! And you left it on a cliffhanger :O
akane6 akane6 Feb 20
Look where ur going or you'll bump into a building Kiato-san. I love this chapter plz update , and don't forget to include conan too.